Help us!

We ask for help to anyone who in his/her job or during his/her free time can contribute concretely to the project.
The more help we get from people, the more successful the project will be.
You can collaborate with us in different ways: simply by responding to the questionnaires below and therefore sharing with us opinions and information, or even by personally engaging in order to offer us concrete help 
Please, read below!
To get more information, you can contact us in Italy and in Portugal:
Fill in the following modules on the basis of the category you represent.
If you are a fisherman, your help is crucial for the project success. You can contribute in many ways, sharing knowledge and information with us and, if you wish, also helping us concretely in different project tasks that presuppose participation of the main categories of stakeholders.
Please, fill in the following form in your language or in English!
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Please, fill in the survey in your language. We ask you something about wels catfish and, if you want, you can give us your reference to contact you and involve you in the project.
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Your sharing of our mission and, hopefully, your help are really important in order to reduce the Wels catfish population.
Please, open the questionnaire in your national language.
Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.
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